Why have you launched the “NEOShield-2 Agents” scheme?

NEOs impact the Earth on a daily basis. Known to have previously caused serious harm, loss of life and property, as well as mass extinctions, it is clear that NEOs pose a very real, but preventable, threat to our world. As the NEO risk is a global issue that affects each and every one of us on Earth, we think raising awareness of the asteroid threat is an absolute necessity.

We’ve launched our “NEOShield-2 Agents” scheme in response to this need.

What can my promotional activity be?

Want to get involved but need some inspiration? Your promotional activity could be:

  • A public talk or school lecture
  • An article about us in the local and/or global press (off- or online)
  • A short video or music file featuring the NEOShield-2 project & an explanation of our activities
  • Helping us to gain significantly more visibility on social media
  • You can also check out Agents’ previous activities in the Hall of Fame for more ideas.

    What should I talk about?

    You should ideally cover the following:

  • The threat imposed by NEOs and the role played by small solar system bodies in the development of Earth
  • Our project activities and our achievements with regard to technology development and NEO characterisation
  • You may also cover other similar subjects of interest during your activity, but please be sure to include the above (after all, they’re very important topics!)

    Who organises the activity?

    NEOShield-2 Agents are responsible for organising their own events.
    How will NEOShield-2 support me?

    We’ll send you a NEOShield-2 Overview Presentation with all the information you’ll need for your activity, as well as some PR materials for distribution at your event.

    If you have any issues regarding your event, you can always contact us. In case you need more support, there’s a possibility to organise a teleconference with us, where an expert will be on hand to answer any questions you may still have.

    What’s in it for me?

    After you’ve accomplished your task, we’ll send you some great promotional items for all your hard work. What’s more, your name will be published in our “NEOShield-2 Agents” Hall of Fame.
    What should I include in my article?

    We always like to have pictures of our agents’ promotional activities, so be sure to take a few photos for us! Here are just a few things for you to include when you write your report:

  • Where and when did the activity take place?
  • How large was the audience? Was it composed of the general public or even of scientists, engineers or media representatives?
  • What did you cover during the activity?
  • Which parts was the audience particularly interested in?
  • What did you gain from the experience?
    Where can I find the articles from other Agents?

    Links to other agents’ articles are located in the Hall of Fame.
    Can I just propose an activity to become an Agent?

    Unfortunately, only those who carry out an activity can become official NEOShield-2 Agents; however, we welcome any public outreach ideas, so please contact us if you have an idea for the future!