Capture the Asteroids 2017

Capture the Asteroids and win a free gift!



For participation please keep in mind:

  1. Only amateur photographers are allowed to compete. If you are a professional astronomer or have an IAU observatory code, your are not allowed to participate.
  2. Submissions includes at least two images of the same Asteroid (can be an animation). Images cover enough time to show its motion across the sky
  3. The Winners would be decided on the basis of photo quality and how well Asteroids are captured
  4. Submissions have so be sent via email to and
  5. Required information: name of observer, location, date and time, equipment (telescope and camera specifications), name of Asteroid
  6. The competition will be open until 15th November 2017

Please check the following article from Northolt Branch Observatory for introduction and useful tips:

About the author: Franziska Dienel