Smallest Asteroid Ever!

Dec 05

6 foot Asteroid “2015TC25” is the smallest Asteroid ever studied

smallest asteroid 2015TC25

Image Credits: NAU/Lowell Observatory/Discovery Channel Telescope

“This is the first time we have optical, infrared and radar data on such a small asteroid, which is essentially a meteoroid,” Vishnu Reddy, of the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. The team found the asteroid to have quite a few chances of hitting

Stephen Hawking says Asteroids are a Major Threat

Nov 25

asteroid threats stephen hawking asteroid day

Renowned Physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking spoke in a video made by our Partners Asteroid Day, a global movement dedicated to protecting our species and raising awareness about Asteroid threats, co-founded by Brian May and Grigorij Richters. Professor Stephen Hawking said: “One of the major threats to intelligent life in our universe is the high probability of an asteroid colliding with inhabited

Mission to Mine Water from Asteroids

Nov 21

Luxembourg based Deep Space Industries (DSI) is planning to send a probe out on a Near Earth Asteroid on a mission to mine water from one of these bodies. mine water water-rich asteroid c-type asteroid   The project is reportedly to be cheaper by millions of dollars as compared to other major missions because the company is building the spacecraft with the

Capture The Asteroids

Nov 11

Capture The Asteroids and Win a FREE GIFT!

  capture the asteroids northolt branch observatories Please Keep in Mind:

  1. The Only two Asteroids to be photographed are (96590) 1998 XB  OR 5143 Heracles, which would have a Near Earth Flyby towards the end of November.
  2. The Winners would be decided on the basis of Photo Quality and how well the Asteroids are captured.