NEOShield-2 Observations at La Silla Observatory in Chile

Aug 11
by Marcel Popescu, Observatorie de Paris Trip 1: October 31 - November 10, 2015 [caption id="attachment_4687" align="alignright" width="589"] Flowering tree in Santiago. In the background the mountains can be seen lost within the clouds with some snow on top[/caption]   I arrived in the afternoon at the ESO Guesthouse, located in Las Condes district in Santiago de Chile. Because the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere, November is a

Astronomers identify oldest known asteroid family

Aug 09
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) was part of an international team that recently discovered a relatively unpopulated region of the main asteroid belt, where the few asteroids present are likely pristine relics from early in solar system history. The team used a new search technique that also identified the oldest known asteroid family, which extends throughout the inner region of the main asteroid belt. The main belt contains vast numbers of irregularly shaped asteroids, also known

NEOShield-2 Agent Germany Activities

Jul 31
By Frank Koch, NEOShield-2 Agent in Germany In July 2017 Frank Koch held several events in front of different audiences about the threat of Near-Earth-Objects (NEOs) and potential counter fights studied within the NEOShield-2 project. The main event was a session within the space camp in Berlin organized by FEZ Berlin. During one week, young people from all over Germany studied different space topics, had practical experiences and lessons from astronauts and experts about space

NEOShield-2 Agent Denmark – Asteroid Day 2017

Jul 31
Overview of this year’s Asteroid Day Events in Denmark, supported by the NEOShield-2 project Written by Jordi S. Forteza, NEOShield-2 outreach agent. Reviewed by Dr. Morten Bo Madsen (Niels Bohr Institute) & Dr. Line Drube (NEOShield-2 & German Aerospace Center - DLR) & Tina Ibsen (Head of Science & Outreach, Tycho Brahe Planetarium). Special thanks to SNU (“Selskabet for Naturlærens Udbredelse”), the Danish Association for the Advancement of Natural Sciences, founded by H.C. Ørsted in