Rare metal from asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs could be used for the effective treatment of cancer

Nov 21

A 10-km wide asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs when it crashed into earth over 65 million years ago contains a rare metal — iridium – that could be used in the effective treatment of cancer, researchers have found. Scientists from the UK and China have demonstrated that iridium – a rare metal delivered to Earth by the asteroid – can be used to kill cancer without harming healthy cells.

A small asteroid or comet has become the first ‘visitor’ from beyond our solar system

Nov 02

It is smaller than a quarter of a mile (400 meters) in diameter, but A/2017 U1 is perhaps the first known object from outside the solar system that has made its way inside. Some more data-crunching and analysis is still needed to confirm the interstellar nature of the object, which could be a comet or an asteroid. A/2017 U1 made its closest approach to the sun Sept. 9 but was discovered Oct. 19 by Rob

Two Asteroids think they are a Comet

Oct 05

The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered something truly unique – a pair of orbiting asteroids that are behaving like a comet. A group of astronomers used the NASA/ESA telescope to observe the system known as 288P in September 2016, just before it made its closest approach to our Sun. To their surprise, 288P is not a single asteroid, as previously thought, but a pair of orbiting space rocks with very unusual characteristics. The asteroids are

Capture the Asteroids 2017

Sep 27

Capture the Asteroids and win a free gift!


For participation please keep in mind:

  1. Only amateur photographers are allowed to compete. If you are a professional astronomer or have an IAU observatory code, your are not allowed to participate.
  2. Submissions includes at least two images of the same Asteroid (can be an animation). Images cover