Twin comets to buzz past Earth

Mar 21
Two comets, thought to be twins, will safely pass Earth today and tomorrow. Comet 252P/LINEAR will fly by Earth on 21st March at 1:14 GMT, zipping past our planet at a distance of 3.3 million miles (5.2 million kilometres), whilst comet P/2016 BA14 will pass us on 22nd March at around 3:30 GMT at a distance of around 2.2 million miles (3.5 million kilometres). Comet P/2016 BA14 was discovered at the end of January by

The St Patrick’s Day Meteor

Mar 18
A meteor was spotted over Britain in the early hours of yesterday morning, its appearance coinciding with the Irish celebration of St Patrick’s Day. The object emitted a green flash as it burned up in the atmosphere, leaving a magnesium-white trail. Sightings were reported in places including London, Hampshire, Stafford and the east coast of England at around 03:16 GMT. Dr John Mason of the British Astronomical Association suggested that the space rock, which burned

Chelyabinsk Anniversary Raffle Winners

Mar 17
Thank you to everybody who entered our Chelyabinsk anniversary raffle! The following people were randomly selected to win a prize: Magic Mug Dawn Sunrise Giovanni Iezzi Md Tauqueer Alam Larry Volz Polo Shirt Roland van Oorschot Claudia Manzoni André Knöfel Victor Bar Towel Beth Roberts Emmanuel Grotheer Ermioni Monika Tsoumba Maksym Abramov Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time! We hold lots of competitions throughout the year, so keep checking back here or like

GNC/AOCS Development Meeting at GMV, Madrid

Mar 17
With the Design and MIL test bench Review (DMR) and the Test Facility Readiness Review (TFRR) coming up next month, the partners of Airbus DS in Friedrichshafen were invited by their colleagues at GMV in Madrid to discuss the current status of the GNC/AOCS architecture and algorithms development for the landing scenario on asteroid 1996FG3, as well as the test bench advancements for GNC/AOCS verification. GMV took the opportunity to demonstrate the Processor and Hardware