Chelyabinsk Anniversary Raffle Winners

Mar 17

Thank you to everybody who entered our Chelyabinsk anniversary raffle! The following people were randomly selected to win a prize:

Magic Mug
  • Dawn Sunrise
  • Giovanni Iezzi
  • Md Tauqueer Alam
  • Larry Volz
Chelyabinsk Anniversary Raffle

NEOShield-2 Magic Mugs

Polo Shirt
    • Roland van Oorschot
    • Claudia Manzoni
    • André Knöfel
    • Victor Bar

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GNC/AOCS Development Meeting at GMV, Madrid

Mar 17

With the Design and MIL test bench Review (DMR) and the Test Facility Readiness Review (TFRR) coming up next month, the partners of Airbus DS in Friedrichshafen were invited by their colleagues at GMV in Madrid to discuss the current status of the GNC/AOCS architecture and algorithms development for the landing scenario on asteroid 1996FG3, as well as the test bench advancements for GNC/AOCS verification. GMV took the opportunity to demonstrate the Processor and Hardware

Tracking down the Florida fireball

Mar 15

On January 24th this year, a fireball zipped through the sky over Florida, U.S.A.. More than a hundred witnesses reported seeing the flare on the American Meteor Society’s website, but it took Mike Hankey, an amateur meteorite hunter, to track down the elusive space rock. florida meteorite fireball One of the meteorites found in Florida by the team of amateur meteorite hunters [Image

Scientists to drill into Chicxulub crater

Mar 07

Scientists plan to drill into the Chicxulub crater just off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, where the asteroid that is thought to have killed off the dinosaurs struck Earth.

Chicxulub crater

Chicxulub crater (top left), Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico [Image credit: NASA]

The team of scientists from the University of Texas, the National University of Mexico and the International Ocean Discovery Program will take around two months to complete