Aug 24
  Do you remember Tunguska? The largest asteroid to impact Earth in recent history. In 1908, this 40-meter asteroid impacted over Siberia, Russia, destroying more than 800 square miles of forest. The energy impact was equivalent to 500 times the force of the Hiroshima bomb. To make sure that there are “no more tunguskas,” the two largest global awareness movements have joined forces to educate and protect the public from potentially dangerous asteroids.   Asteroid

End of the Draw Your Space contest

Aug 24
Our NEOShield-2 Draw Your Space contest has come to an end! Thank you to all the participants for the very good entries we received. The entries will now be ranked in two categories by a NEOShield-2 jury that will select the winners. The results will then be published on our website on the 31st of August. Have a nice day!  

Our “Draw Your Space” contest will finally end on the 21st of August!

Jul 29
  Space is interesting, space is mysterious, space is awesome! Who has never dreamed of going to space and live the life of an astronaut for a few hours or a few days? Even though we can’t make you go to space, we would still like to share a part of this dream with you and to know what YOU think about space and Near Earth Objects (NEOs). Use your Fantasy and let us dream

NEOShield-2 / La Silla Adventures #3

Jul 22
Our NEOShield-2 expert, Davide Perna was in Chile to study the physical properties of small near-Earth asteroids. His trip is now coming to an end and we are looking forward to see the result of his observations at the La Silla observatory! Right now I’m still in the telescope control room, the observing night will end in about one hour (though we just had to close the dome due to the too strong wind… I’m not sure if we