NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office

Feb 12

NASA’s new organisation, the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO), was announced in early January. Committed to protecting Earth from dangerous asteroids, the PDCO has been established with a view to synchronise American efforts to handle dangerous space rocks on a collision course with Earth and to supervise those NASA-funded projects that focus on the characterisation of NEOs. Lindley Johnson, head of the new PDCO, says that he will also be working closely with NEO experts

Asteroid Day press conference today!

Feb 09

Asteroid Day is holding a press conference today at 1500 CET (1400 UTC) to announce new partnerships and activities planned for this year’s Asteroid Day. Be sure to tune in to the live stream here! Don’t worry if you can’t watch it live; you can still access the press conference when it’s over by clicking on the same link. For more details on the conference, take a look at the press

Asteroid 2013 TX68 close approach

Feb 08

Asteroid 2013 TX68 is due to make a close approach to Earth early this March, but scientists are not exactly sure just how close the space rock will come… Estimated to be around 30 metres (100 feet) in diameter, the NEO will zip past Earth on the 5th, passing us at a distance of between 17,700 km (11,000 miles) and 14.5 million km (9 million miles). 2013</a srcset=

Bright Fireball over Pennsylvania, January 30th 2016

Feb 01

A large, particularly bright fireball streaked through the skies of Pennsylvania at the weekend, creating a bright display that could be seen for miles. The meteor was spotted on January 30th at around 6:16pm ET, with the majority of sightings reported in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, witnesses from Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Delaware, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ontario also claimed to have caught sight of