Asteroid 2015 TB145 Close Approach

Oct 30
2015 TB145

The orbit of asteroid 2015 TB145. (Image Credit: NASA)

Asteroid 2015 TB145 will make a close approach to Earth this Halloween at around 6 p.m. CET! But there’s no cause for alarm- even though the asteroid has a whopping relative velocity of ~35 km/s, it will pass by at a safe distance of 1.3 LD (480,000 km). Although estimated to be between 290 and 650m in diameter, the asteroid

NEO NEWS (27 Oct 2015) Halloween Asteroid, AIDA Mission, Mass Extinctions

Oct 28

ROBERT FARQUHAR (1932-2015). Bob Farquhar died on October 18. He was a genius both in calculating spacecraft orbits and in convincing NASA to support his strategies to get far more out of planetary missions than had originally been planned. Among his contributions were the NEAR-Shoemaker mission to EROS and the extended ISEE mission. Keith Cowing called him “a steely-eyed missile man and a genuine space cowboy who always knew exactly how to get NASA to do what it

NEOShield-2 Presentation in Israel – IAC 2015

Oct 27

Victor Bar, one of our NEOShield-2 ambassadors, recently delivered a presentation on the NEO threat & the NEOShield-2 project at the International Astronautical Congress in Israel. Read his article on the lecture here!

Victor Bar NEOShield-2 ambassadors   On 15th October during the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) which was held in Jerusalem, Israel, another interesting event took place and one which was the first

Get ready for our Live Twitter Q&A sessions!

Oct 05
Live Twitter Q&A World Space Week

Our experts will be ready to answer your questions

To mark World Space Week, we’re hosting two Q&A sessions on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Our experts will be answering live any questions you have about the topic, so have some questions at the ready! Taking part is easy:

  1. Visit our Twitter page on Wednesday and