Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an asteroid???

Apr 28
Earlier today, the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Centre (MPC) had a good news to share with the world: the Earth had a new moon! This morning, one of the MPC’s staff members posted a description of the so-called moon, also named 2015 HP116. The small asteroid was supposed to orbite our planet until March 2019. Unfortunately, the news was disclaimed a few hours later, when scientists realised that our new moon was in fact

NEO NEWS (21 April 2015) NASA ARM, OSIRIS-Rex, and Planetary Defense Conference

Apr 22
Bolden Not Concerned About ARM Criticism Space News, April 15 2015, by Jeff Foust [] NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said April 14 he is not concerned with recent criticism of the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) by the agency’s own advisory group. The NASA Advisory Council, at an April 10 meeting in Washington, unanimously approved a finding that concluded that NASA should not carry out its current plans for ARM. Those plans involve landing a spacecraft

PDC2015: Impact scenario

Apr 17
Note: This article concerns a hypothetical asteroid scenario. The information described in this article does not concern a real world event but is based on the practise scenario used at the PDC2015.   The planetary defense conference 2015 has gone through its last day this Friday, and this day was fully dedicated to the conclusion of the PDC2015 impact scenario. During the conference all the experts on planetary defence enacted a scenario in which an

PDC2015: NEOShield at the conference

Apr 15
The Planetary Defense Conference in Frascati, Italy is in full swing now, with numerous presentations on the NEO subject in the past few days. The NEOShield project is also well represented and the different project participants have also made use of these days to again meet each other in person, something which is not often possible due to the international nature of the project.   On the evening of Tuesday the 15th the team came