End of the NEOShield-2 Pins and Stickers Give-away

Jul 20

376658main_mwcenter_spitzer_big_full Our NEOShield-2 Pins & Stickers Giveaway has now come to an end. We thank you all for participating in our quiz and hope that you enjoyed it. Congratulations to all of the winners, you will receive your prizes very soon! And for those who did not get anything this time, there will be other similar occasions to win NEOShield-2 presents in the following weeks/months. Meanwhile,

NEOShield-2 / La Silla Adventures #1

Jul 20

Our NEOShield-2 expert, Davide Perna is currently in Chile to study the physical properties of small near-Earth asteroids. Follow his adventures and discoveries at the La Silla observatory!La Silla observatory

Hello, On Friday afternoon I took a flight from Santiago to La Serena, and then a shuttle bus, to reach the La Silla observatory, 600 km north of Santiago and at an altitude of 2400