PDC2015, day 1: Conference kick-off

Apr 13
Today the Planetary Defense Conference in Frascati, Italy, started. It was the first day of the 5-day conference that brings together the scientists and engineers that are working each day to investigate the threat of NEOs and how to deflect an inbound asteroid. The conference opened at the ESA ESRIN facilities on Monday morning at 9:00 with a welcome to all visitors from the organisation commission. After that, the first session of presentations quickly started

NEO NEWS (05/09/15) Asteroid Threat, NASA ARM-B, ESA AIM

Apr 10
Why the Asteroid Threat Should be Taken Seriously by David Eicher (Astronomy Magazine, April 6) [http://www.astronomy.com/bonus/asteroidday] The press response to the Asteroid Day [http://www.asteroidday.org] announcement was spectacular — I think, fair to say, beyond anyone’s expectations. Although it should be said that whenever Brian May does something, it certainly attracts attention, and the same could also be said of Martin Rees, who is one of the most brilliant people on the planet. The announcement found

Planetary Defense Conference 2015

Apr 08
Next week in Italy the whole of the international community on NEO research and impact mitigation will gather in Frascati, Italy, at the Planetary Defense Conference 2015. NEOShield is of course also there!   The Planetary Defense Conference (PCD) is organized by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) to bring all the worlds experts on the field of Planetary Defense together. The conference takes place at ESA ESRIN (ESA’s center for Earth Observation), in the

NEO News (03/25/15) ARM, Spinning NEAs, UN Milestone

Mar 26
ARM Option B Selected (March 25) NASA has just announced the selection of ARM Option B – the alternative ARM mission to pluck a boulder off a larger NEA and return it to the vicinity of the Moon. The rock could be up to 4m in size. Launch is planned for 2020. The estimated costs are slightly larger than Option A, but since this mission involves studying a larger asteroid target (with a stay there