The first NEOShield-2 Twitter Questions&Answers took place on the 30th of June 2015 on Asteroid Day

Jul 03

Our four experts had a nice time answering our followers’ questions and sharing their knowledge with them. The Asteroid Day was a good way to raise awareness around our project among the general public and we thank you all for participating in the Q&A, following us and sharing our tweets. This helped us highlight our previous achievements and our on-going work, with really good outputs on this precise day:

  • We won 30 new followers

NEOShield Final Presentation held at the European Commission in Brussels

Jul 01

The NEOShield Final Presentation has been held on June, 25th last week in Brussels to the REA project officers, the project reviewers and representatives of the European Commission.

NEOShield Final Presentation

[Alan Harris (DLR) as NEOShield Project Coordinator presents an overview of the project achievements]

  NEOShield Final Presentation [Line Drube (DLR) illustrates

Get ready for our « Draw Your Space » contest!

Jul 01
[credit: NEOShield-2]

[credit: NEOShield-2]

Space is interesting, space is mysterious, space is awesome! Who has never dreamed of going to space and live the life of an astronaut for a few hours or a few days? Even though we can’t make you go to space, we would still like to share a part of this dream with you and to know what YOU think about


Jun 26

Astronomy Magazine article on Asteroid Day 30 June … Local organizers are making final preparations for more than 50 public events worldwide to increase education and awareness about asteroids and how to better detect them. June 30 is the anniversary of the largest asteroid impact of Earth in recent history, the 1908 Siberian Tunguska asteroid impact. The 100X Declaration, calling for increased detection and tracking of near Earth objects, is open