Asteroid 2015 LR21 will fly by Earth tomorrow!

Jun 19

Asteroid 2015 LR21 will make a close approach with Earth tomorrow at 6:15 UTC. It will fly by our planet at 2.5 Lunar Distances – about 960 000 km – speeding at 13.76 km/s (49536 km/h). The asteroid has an estimated diameter of 13 -30 meters (H: 26.4). This is a really close approach, but there is no chance that Asteroid 2015 LR21 will impact us. Hundreds of Near Earth Objects (NEOs) fly by Earth

The NEOShield-2 Mission Definition Requirements Review

Jun 15
Mission Definition Requirements Review

Illustration of a combined gravity tractor and kinetic impactor mission. (Image credit: Airbus Defence and Space)

On the 20th of May the Mission Definition Requirements Review took place. This Review was an important milestone for all NEOShield-2 partners to agree on the reference mission scenarios and the major requirements. It was the first big step to ensure a common

Will we be ready to face a real asteroid threat in the next hundred years?

Jun 12
asteroid impact asteroid threat

[Credit: Shutterstock]

Asteroid impacts and NEO (Near-earth Objects) threats are no news. Scientists know for sure that it is constantly happening and that the risk of a collision between a NEO and Earth is high. The question is not if it will happen one day, but when it will happen and how we are going to react to this threat. A

Asteroid 2015 KW 120 will make a really close approach with Earth tomorrow!

May 28
2015 KW 120

Image credits: NASA

Asteroid 2015 KW 120 will fly by Earth on May 29 at 11:53 UTC. The NEO has an estimated diameter of 11-36 meters (H= 26.0) and will speed past us at 13 km/s (approximately 46800 km/h), at only 1.1 Lunar Distances [LD] – about 422400 kilometers – from our planet. Asteroids make close approach with Earth every day,