“Strategical and scientific aspects of the asteroid impact threat: the NEOShield perspective”

Jul 10
The NEOShield Team organized the workshop “Strategical and scientific aspects of the asteroid impact threat: the NEOShield perspective”, in the framework of the last Asteroids Comets Meteors conference, held in Helsinki on June 30th – July 4th. Experts in different aspects of the impact hazard (scientists, engineers, representatives of space and government agencies) discussed about how to prepare and implement mitigation and deflection measures. The workshop was organized as part of the NEOShield activity to

The NEOShield 3D globe and asteroid

Jul 03
Download the PDF file and build your Globe and Asteroid! You can use them for scientific purposes or as an ornament. Discover how to realize them: NEOShield Globe and Asteroid.

Asteroid 2011 MD is the candidate for NASA’s Asteroid-Capture Mission

Jun 23
NASA has selected a valid candidate for its Asteroid-Capture Mission.  The candidate is asteroid 2011 MD which could be not just a single rock but a heap of rubble. «This is pretty unexpected» said Michael Mommert, study lead author at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Basically, when people think about asteroid imagine a single boulder not pieces of rock floating in space. Thanks to all the data collected by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope astronomers calculated

Hunting NEOs

Jun 11
The B612 Foundation together with the Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation will realize and launch an infrared space telescope with the aim to survey the Solar System. The Sentinel mission will provide a detailed map which could be used to detect the potential hazardous NEOs directed toward Earth. Artistic illustration of the B612 Foundation's Sentinel mission. (Credit: B612) In the video below Ed Lu, former NASA astronaut and B612 CEO and Co-founder, claims how crucial