The NEOShield Catching Comets contest: the best five shots

Jun 10
Enjoy the best five photos which won the NEOShield Catching Comets Contest! The astrophotographers have also added a short description of their amazing shots. Rolando Ligustri's shot of Comet C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS Rolando Ligustri personal description of his shot: For the success of this picture I had a lot of luck! This is due to the fact that lately in New Mexico the weather was disturbed by some days... In the morning before going to

The NEOShield Catching Comets Contest WINNERS!

Jun 04
And the winners are... The NEOShield Project Team is VERY glad to release the list of the Catching Comets Contest WINNERS!We also want to thank each space enthusiast who participated in the contest. Thank you for your support! We really appreciate your contribution. Thank you for joining us! So...the winners are: Rolando Ligustri (Comet PanSTARRS) Alfons Diepvens (Comets PanSTARRS and LINEAR) Tim Connolly (Comet PanSTARRS) Norbert Pailer (Comet PanSTARRS) Congratulations!!! On the next days we

Chelyabinsk meteorite: a part of a greater celestial body

May 28
(Image:Aleksandr Kondratuk/RIA Novosti) After studying the chemical composition of the Chelyabinsk meteorite’s fragments scientists asserted the meteorite was part of a 7,500-diameter-inches celestial body. Researchers sustain the meteorite which exploded above Chelyabinsk came off from the supermassive asteroid just after a collision with another NEO occurred 250 million years ago. The meteorite which blew up on the Russian sky on February 15, 2013 was 680 inches in diameter and its speed was 6-18 miles per

The NEOShield Catching Comets Contest continues!

May 26
The NEOShield Catching Comets Contest continues! The NEOShield team has decided to prolong the contest because of the bad weather conditions. So, you can still participate! Unfortunately the weather was not really good last week so we decided to change the time until you can send your photos from May 26 to June 2, 2014. The winners will be proclaimed on June the 5th instead of June the 2nd. Don't you forget to send your