Asteroid 2011 MD is the candidate for NASA’s Asteroid-Capture Mission

Jun 23

NASA has selected a valid candidate for its Asteroid-Capture Mission. 

The candidate is asteroid 2011 MD which could be not just a single rock but a heap of rubble. «This is pretty unexpected» said Michael Mommert, study lead author at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Basically, when people think about asteroid imagine a single boulder not pieces of rock floating in space.

Thanks to all

Hunting NEOs

Jun 11

The B612 Foundation together with the Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation will realize and launch an infrared space telescope with the aim to survey the Solar System. The Sentinel mission will provide a detailed map which could be used to detect the potential hazardous NEOs directed toward Earth.

The Sentinel missionArtistic illustration of the B612 Foundation’s Sentinel

The NEOShield Catching Comets contest: the best five shots

Jun 10

Enjoy the best five photos which won the NEOShield Catching Comets Contest! The astrophotographers have also added a short description of their amazing shots.

  • Rolando Ligustri’s shot of Comet C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS

Comet PanSTARRS by Rolando Ligustri

Rolando Ligustri personal description of his shot: For the success of this picture I had

The NEOShield Catching Comets Contest WINNERS!

Jun 04

The NEOShield Contest
And the winners are…

The NEOShield Project Team is VERY glad to release the list of the Catching Comets Contest WINNERS!
We also want to thank each space enthusiast who participated in the contest. Thank you for your support! We really appreciate your contribution. Thank you for joining us!

So…the winners are:

  • Rolando Ligustri (Comet PanSTARRS)