NEOShield-2 Agent on Board the Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship

Jul 31

By John Maclean FRAS – NEOShield-2 Agent in the United Kingdom, Exeter Observatory At the beginning of the year I undertook a lecturing trip on the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner, visiting Australia, Borneo, Vietnam and China. In my role as a Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) speaker, I delivered a series of talks to the guests on the ship. NEOShield-2 agent John Maclean Queen Mary 2

Are Mars’ Trojan Asteroids Pieces of the Red Planet?

Jul 26

By Jesse Emspak,

mars trojan

A mosaic of the Valles Marineris hemisphere of Mars. This view is similar to what one would see from a spacecraft, according to NASA.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The Trojan asteroids that follow Mars in its orbit might have come from the planet itself, blown off in an ancient impact rather than being late arrivals, a new

NEOShield-2 participates in EUCASS 2017

Jul 19

eucass 2017 elecnor deimosThe European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences (EUCASS) is the main continental scientific event for aeronautics and space, second only to the AIAA Scitech in the USA. The Eucass association was created by a group of european scientists in order to provide, on the old continent, a high quality forum for the aerospace scientific community. Eucass is member of Ecaero group,

NEOShield-2 Agent Spain – Asteroid Day 2017

Jul 18

By Maksym Abramov, NEOShield-2 Agent in Spain On the 30th June 2017, I organized a workshop about NEOs, Meteoroids, Asteroids, and Comets. It was to commemorate Asteroid Day and it was about past impact events, the threat from space and our answer to that threat. The event took place at the Avanza Educational Center in Granada, in Spain and target students from all courses. Asteroid Day 2017 Agent Spain