NEOShield-2 participates in EUCASS 2017

Jul 19

eucass 2017 elecnor deimosThe European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences (EUCASS) is the main continental scientific event for aeronautics and space, second only to the AIAA Scitech in the USA. The Eucass association was created by a group of european scientists in order to provide, on the old continent, a high quality forum for the aerospace scientific community. Eucass is member of Ecaero group,

NEOShield-2 Agent Spain – Asteroid Day 2017

Jul 18

By Maksym Abramov, NEOShield-2 Agent in Spain On the 30th June 2017, I organized a workshop about NEOs, Meteoroids, Asteroids, and Comets. It was to commemorate Asteroid Day and it was about past impact events, the threat from space and our answer to that threat. The event took place at the Avanza Educational Center in Granada, in Spain and target students from all courses. Asteroid Day 2017 Agent Spain

NEOShield-2 Agent Malta – Asteroid Day 2017

Jul 18

By Alexei Pace, NEOShield-2 Agent in Malta A public event was held in Malta in the run up to Asteroid Day on 30 June 2017. The event was held at a recently restored seventeenth-century farmhouse at Buskett Woodlands in Siġġiewi (Malta). The event was well-attended by members of the Astronomical Society of Malta as well as space enthusiasts as well as several foreigners who attended to learn more about the threat of an impact to

NEOShield-2 Agent Israel – Asteroid Day 2017

Jul 18

By Victor Bar, NEOShield-2 Agent in Israel Asteroid Day 2017 was celebrated for the third time in 3 locations in Israel. In two of them we discussed about the NEOShield-2 project and how it complements the Asteroid Day initiative. On the 29th of June, in the old Givatayim Observatory in Israel, I lectured about asteroids, what they are, where they come from, why they are so dangerous and why an early detection is so important. So important