Dec 03
It’s a NEOShield Noël and we’ve got 24 questions and 24 NEOShield pins in our asteroid advent calendar. We’re giving away a NEOShield pin everyday until 24th December. To enter, you need be a follower of @NEOShieldTeam on Twitter, retweet (RT) one of our #NEOShieldNoël tweets and answer the asteroid-related question. The winner will be picked daily after 16:00 UTC; this will be followed by the release of the next question in our asteroid advent

NEOShield presents at SpaceUp Stuttgart 2012

Oct 29
(Image Credit: Remco Timmermans/SpaceUp Europe) On Saturday 27 October 2012, NEOShield participated in SpaceUp Stuttgart, Germany’s first space ‘unconference’. SpaceUp is an unconventional space exploration meet-up where the participants decide the topics, schedule and structure of the event. Held at the Space Center Baden-Württemberg at the Institute for Space Systems of the University of Stuttgart, there were a range of topics such as the exploration of Mercury, the challenges of science communications in a crisis

NEOShield Knows – Q&A – Summary

Oct 15
On Wednesday 10th October 2012, as part of World Space Week, we hosted ‘NEOShield Knows’; our first ever live Q&A session on Twitter. This gave our followers the opportunity to discuss the NEOShield project, Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and other related topics. The NEOShield experts behind the screens were: Alan Harris: Alan is the NEOShield Project Coordinator. He is a senior scientist at the DLR Institute for Planetary Research in Berlin, Germany and has 20

Close Approach of asteroid 2012 TC4

Oct 11
Asteroid 2012 TC4 will have a close approach with our planet on Friday 12 October 2012, 05:30 UTC. With an estimated diameter of 13-29 metres (H=26.5), 2012 TC4 will speed past us at 7.12 km/s relative to the Earth (approximately 25,600 km/h). Whilst all NEO close approaches are notable, one particularly interesting fact is that 2012 TC4 will be travelling past us at a distance of 0.25 Lunar Distances – 96,000 kms – making it