NEOShield experts to host Q&A session

Oct 08
At NEOShield our aim is to investigate the deflection of Near Earth Objects (NEOs). A part of this is helping you understand the science behind asteroids and comets and the research we do to protect the planet from the impact of these NEOs. As part of World Space Week, we shall be hosting ‘NEOShield Knows’ – a live Q&A session on Twitter to talk about the NEOShield Project, NEOs in general and other related topics.

NEOShield to present at IAC 2012

Oct 01
NEOShield will be presenting at the International Astronautical Congress between 1st and 5th October. Feel free to come and say hello – it’s always appreciated! Full details below: Date: Thursday 4th October 2012Time: 10:15 UTCRoom: TS15Session: A3.4 If you are on Twitter, you can follow us at @NEOShieldTeam and join the IAC conversation using the hashtag #IAC2012.

Close Approach of Asteroid 2012 QG42

Sep 12
(NEOShield STK animation of 2012 QG42 asteroid flyby) A potentially hazardous asteroid will make its closest approach with the Earth on Friday 14th September, 05:12 UTC. 2012 QG42, which is the 1057th asteroid to be discovered in the second half of August, has an estimated diameter of 221-494 metres (H=20.4) and will have a close approach with the Earth at 7.4 Lunar Distances. The animation below is a combination of four images taken of 2012


Sep 04
On September 4th at 12:46 UTC, asteroid 2012 PX had a near miss with the Earth (see STK animation above). It travelled at 10.01 km/sec relative to the Earth – that is approximately 36,000 km/h (or 22,400 mph). 2012 PX is the 23rd asteroid to be discovered in the first half of August this year and has an estimated diameter of 65-150 meters (H=23). These near misses are not as rare as many think. In