NEOShield presents at SpaceUp Stuttgart 2012

Oct 29
(Image Credit: Remco Timmermans/SpaceUp Europe) On Saturday 27 October 2012, NEOShield participated in SpaceUp Stuttgart, Germany’s first space ‘unconference’. SpaceUp is an unconventional space exploration meet-up where the participants decide the topics, schedule and structure of the event. Held at the Space Center Baden-Württemberg at the Institute for Space Systems of the University of Stuttgart, there were a range of topics such as the exploration of Mercury, the challenges of science communications in a crisis

NEOShield Knows – Q&A – Summary

Oct 15
On Wednesday 10th October 2012, as part of World Space Week, we hosted ‘NEOShield Knows’; our first ever live Q&A session on Twitter. This gave our followers the opportunity to discuss the NEOShield project, Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and other related topics. The NEOShield experts behind the screens were: Alan Harris: Alan is the NEOShield Project Coordinator. He is a senior scientist at the DLR Institute for Planetary Research in Berlin, Germany and has 20

Close Approach of asteroid 2012 TC4

Oct 11
Asteroid 2012 TC4 will have a close approach with our planet on Friday 12 October 2012, 05:30 UTC. With an estimated diameter of 13-29 metres (H=26.5), 2012 TC4 will speed past us at 7.12 km/s relative to the Earth (approximately 25,600 km/h). Whilst all NEO close approaches are notable, one particularly interesting fact is that 2012 TC4 will be travelling past us at a distance of 0.25 Lunar Distances – 96,000 kms – making it

NEOShield experts to host Q&A session

Oct 08
At NEOShield our aim is to investigate the deflection of Near Earth Objects (NEOs). A part of this is helping you understand the science behind asteroids and comets and the research we do to protect the planet from the impact of these NEOs. As part of World Space Week, we shall be hosting ‘NEOShield Knows’ – a live Q&A session on Twitter to talk about the NEOShield Project, NEOs in general and other related topics.