Freak Asteroid has Six Tails

Nov 08

Resembling more like a lawn sprinkler or a badminton shuttlecock, asteroid P/2013 P5 projects bizarre characteristics. While normal asteroids appear as tiny points of light, this asteroid has six comet-like tails of dust and appears to be in the process of breaking up. 

First spotted in August, astronomers have been scratching their heads trying to find an adequate explanation for the mysterious appearance of the fuzzy-like P/2013 P5 asteroid. Its multiple tails were first discovered

Chelyabinsk Asteroid: 19 metres, 12 000 tonnes

Nov 07

The asteroid that smashed into the city of Chelyabinsk measured 19 metres in diameter before exploding into small pieces between the altitudes of around 45 and 30 kilometres with the energy equivalent to several dozens of Hiroshima atomic bombs.

After analysing video and audio footage and meteorite fragments recovered from the incident that occured on February 15, 2013, a scientist from Czech Republic, Jiri Borovicka from the Academy of Sciences, estimated that the asteroid may

UN adopts Asteroid Defense Policy

Oct 31

The first-ever international contingency plan for defending Earth against an asteroid strike will be implemented following the recent U.N. General Assembly meeting. Measures to coordinate detection and response to asteroid strikes will be put into place with the creation of an International Asteroid Warning Network.

Image: Alamy

The International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) will comprise of scientists, observatories, and space agencies around the planet to pool information about newly discovered asteroids.

Astronauts talk about defending Earth from Asteroids

Oct 28

On October 25th, five astronauts from the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) prompted the international community on the need to defend Earth from asteroids. The panel discussion, moderated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, took place just ahead of the United Nations meeting to urge them to adopt an asteroid defense plan.

Image credit (L-R):,, Rusty Schweickart, B612 Foundation Photo, Manfred Werner,

Former NASA astronauts,