Detlef Koschny Discusses ESA’s New NEO-CC

Jun 12

Taking place in Frascati, Italy was the recent inauguration of ESA’s NEO Coordination Centre at ESRIN, the centre for Earth observation. The new hub will provide a central access point for European NEO data research, thus strengthening the global hunt for and understanding of NEO hazards.

NEOShield Prepares to Protect Paris… and the Planet

May 29

NEOShield geared up to attend their second SpaceUp unconference, this year taking place at the ESA headquarters in Paris, France. On May 25th & May 26th everyone from scientists and engineers, to journalists and space enthusiasts, as well as fans via social media gathered to participate in SpaceUp Paris. The space exploration event was the first ever located in France and

SpaceUp with NEOShield

May 21

This upcoming weekend, on May 25th & 26th, NEOShield is excited to attend SpaceUp Paris, taking place at the ESA Headquarters in France. SpaceUp is the first unconference focused on space exploration and this event will mark the first ever SpaceUp conference in France.

SpaceUp is a special gathering composed of only participants, meaning it is a user-generated conference, also known as an “unconference.” The participants are interchangeably the presenters,

ESA’s Upcoming NEO Coordination Centre Inauguration

May 13

Scheduled later this month, on May 22nd 2013, ESA experts, as well as leading industrial and scientific partners from across Europe, will meet at ESRIN, ESAs centre for Earth observation in Frascati, Italy, to inaugurate the Near Earth Object Coordination Centre (NEO-CC).

The event will establish the beginning of the NEO-CC as the central access point to a network of European NEO data sources and information providers currently recognized under ESAs Space Situational Awareness