NEOShield to present at 50th session of UN COPUOS

Feb 18

The 50th session of the Science and Technical Subcommitee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) is being held between 11-22 February 2013 at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The Action Team on Near-Earth Objects, which includes NEOShield, will discuss the potential threat of asteroids before submitting recommendations for an international response to the near-Earth object impact threat on Monday 18 February. Line Drube, on behalf the

Large meteor streaks across skies in Russia

Feb 15

On Friday 15 February 2013, a large meteor blazed across the sky of Russia’s Ural mountains, exploding over the region of Chelyabinsk. The shockwave produced from the fireball was strong enough to shatter windows and set off car alarms. The meteor is estimated to have a size of 17 metres and entered the atmosphere at approximately 18 km/s (64,000km/h or 40,000mph). Warning: videos contain strong language.

Science experts


Dec 03

It’s a NEOShield Noël and we’ve got 24 questions and 24 NEOShield pins in our asteroid advent calendar.

We’re giving away a NEOShield pin everyday until 24th December. To enter, you need be a follower of @NEOShieldTeam on Twitter, retweet (RT) one of our #NEOShieldNoël tweets and answer the asteroid-related question. The winner will be picked daily after 16:00 UTC; this will be followed by the release of the next question

NEOShield presents at SpaceUp Stuttgart 2012

Oct 29

SpaceUp Stuttgart Banner
(Image Credit: Remco Timmermans/SpaceUp Europe)

On Saturday 27 October 2012, NEOShield participated in SpaceUp Stuttgart, Germany’s first space ‘unconference’. SpaceUp is an unconventional space exploration meet-up where the participants decide the topics, schedule and structure of the event. Held at the Space Center Baden-Württemberg at the Institute for Space Systems of the University of Stuttgart, there were a range of topics such as the exploration of Mercury,