NEOShield to present at IAC 2012

Oct 01

NEOShield will be presenting at the International Astronautical Congress between 1st and 5th October. Feel free to come and say hello – it’s always appreciated! Full details below:

Date: Thursday 4th October 2012
Time: 10:15 UTC
Room: TS15
Session: A3.4

If you are on Twitter, you can follow us at @NEOShieldTeam and join the IAC conversation using the hashtag #IAC2012.

Close Approach of Asteroid 2012 QG42

Sep 12

(NEOShield STK animation of 2012 QG42 asteroid flyby)

A potentially hazardous asteroid will make its closest approach with the Earth on Friday


Sep 04

On September 4th at 12:46 UTC, asteroid 2012 PX had a near miss with the Earth (see STK animation above). It travelled

B612 Foundation Announces Asteroid Finding Mission

Jun 28

SENTINEL orbit showing viewing direction (B612 Foundation/Ball Aerospace)The B612 Foundation announced today the first privately funded deep space mission.

The mission, Sentinel, is an asteroid finding spacecraft that will be launched into a venus-like orbit, from where it is able to map the region near Earth.

The spacecraft will be equipped with a 0.5m diameter Infrared telescope, and will scan the night half of the sky every 26 days.