B612 Foundation Announces Asteroid Finding Mission

Jun 28

SENTINEL orbit showing viewing direction (B612 Foundation/Ball Aerospace)The B612 Foundation announced today the first privately funded deep space mission.

The mission, Sentinel, is an asteroid finding spacecraft that will be launched into a venus-like orbit, from where it is able to map the region near Earth.

The spacecraft will be equipped with a 0.5m diameter Infrared telescope, and will scan the night half of the sky every 26 days.

NEOShield Website Online Today!

Jun 21

NEOShield now has a website!
Welcome to www.NEOShield.net, the new home of the NEOShield project in the World Wide Web.

On this site you can find out about the NEOShield project itself, including about the project itself, as well as who’s in the team. Results and outputs of the project will also be here as they become available.

The site is also a good hub for general information about Near Earth

Close Approach of Large Asteroid Today

Jun 21

Go21 Flyby Anim

A very large asteroid, 308242 (2005 GO21), is making its closest approach to the Earth today.

The approach distance is not as close as other NEO close approaches, at 0.0440AU, which is 17.1 times the distance between the Earth and Moon.  However, the asteroid is very large, somewhere between 1.4km and 3.1km in diameter, which is of a size that would cause global damage

NEOShield joins Facebook

Jun 20

NEOShield is now also on Facebook!

If you’d like to follow NEOShield and keep up to date or start a discussion on all the latest NEOShield, NEO, asteroid and planetary defence news, head over to www.facebook.com/NEOShield.

As a NEOShield fan, you’ll get all the NEOShield news first, as well as updates from around the world of NEOs and planetary defence.  We’ll point you in the direction of what’s happening. You’ll also be