Asteroid Day Deutschland 2017

Jun 20

asteroid day deutschland asteroiden tag VeranstaltungenAsteroid Day ist eine globale Sensibilisierungskampagne in der Menschen aus der ganzen Welt zusammenkommen, um über Asteroiden und die möglichen Konsequenzen eines Einschlags auf der Erde zu lernen. Gleichzeitig wird aber auch dargestellt, was wir tun können um unseren Planeten, Familien, Gemeinschaften und zukünftige Generationen vor zukünftigen Asteroiden-Einschlägen zu schützen. Asteroid Day wurde im Jahr 2014 von Dr. Brian May, dem

Asteroid Day 2017 Live

Jun 19


ESA, JAXA and NASA join Prof. Brian Cox, astronauts, esteemed scientists and technologists on June 30, to create a global conversation about asteroids.

asteroid day 2017 24-hour live broadcastLUXEMBOURG, SILICON VALLEY — On June 30, asteroids will make history as the focus of a conversation shared around the world on the first ever

Meteorite impact caused long-lived volcanic eruptions on Earth

May 24
meteorite impact volcanic eruptions sudbury

A photomicrograph of a vesicular green shard from the Onaping Formation of the Sudbury impact basin. Credit: Paul Guyett, Trinity College Dublin.

Meteorite impacts can produce more than craters on the Earth – they can also spark volcanic activity that shapes its surface and climate by bringing up material from depth. That is the headline finding of an international

Planetary Defense Conference (PDC) 2017 – Day 5

May 19

Friday, May 19, 2017, Tokyo, Japan The last day of the PDC was fully dedicated to the hypothetical NEO/Earth impact event scenario exercise. During the whole week the experts worked on this exercise that aims to deflect the fictitious asteroid 2017 PDC.

planetary defense conference pdc 2017 day 5

Orbit of Asteroid 2017 PDC

The initial scenario was as follows: