NEOs News – April

May 09

Current NEO statistics

Last month we crossed the threshold of 16 000 known NEOs.

  •  Known NEOs: 16 068 asteroids and 106 comets
  •  NEOs in risk list*: 615
  •  New NEO discoveries since last month: 101
  •  NEOs discovered since 1 January 2017: 659

*The risk list of all known objects with a non-zero (although usually very low) impact probability can be found at

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Anatomy of an Asteroid Breakup

May 04

By Susanna Kohler, American Astronomic Society A team of scientists has observed the breakup of an asteroid as it orbits the Sun. In a new study, they reveal what they’ve learned from their ground- and space-based observations of this disintegration. breakup asteroid Jewitt 2013 R3 Keck images of asteroid P/2013 R3 (click for the full view!) taken in

NEOShield-2 Agent Greece – April Activities

May 04

On March 31 and on April 2, 2017, Takis Theodossiou, NEOShield-2 Agent Greece, and the scientific non-profit association LOGOS-SLOVO Α-Ω participated at one of the most important events about science in Athens, the Athens Science Festival, that took place from March 29 until April 2, 2017. During the two days that they were present at the Science Festival, the team had the opportunity to reach the Greek public and especially the new generation and share educational information about NEOs and PHAs, about their

Mars Trojans may be part of a planet that was destroyed long ago

Apr 28

Mars has an asteroid entourage, with nine so-called Trojans trailing in its wake. Now it seems these travelling companions all had the same violent beginning: as the innards of a mini-planet, eviscerated in a violent collision. Some remnants may even have been incorporated into the material that became Mars. Trojans are distinct