NEOShield-2 Agent on Board the Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship

By John Maclean FRAS – NEOShield-2 Agent in the United Kingdom, Exeter Observatory

At the beginning of the year I undertook a lecturing trip on the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner, visiting Australia, Borneo, Vietnam and China. In my role as a Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) speaker, I delivered a series of talks to the guests on the ship.

NEOShield-2 agent John Maclean Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 is the only ship at sea with a Planetarium and the RAS has an agreement with the ships’ operator, Cunard, to provide Fellows to deliver the Astronomy programme on board. One of the talks I gave was entitled, “OMG, We’re all going to die!” which aims to educate and inform the audience about the dangers posed by Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHA’s).

NEOShield-2 agent John Maclean Queen Mary 2

During the talk I introduced the audience to the NEOShield-2 project and explained the project aims, activities and achievements to date. The talk was very well received, with over 400 people attending and many questions were asked about the NEOShield-2 project, which I was happy to answer. I look forward to further promoting the mission to more audiences in the near future.


NEOShield-2 note:

The project’s team is very happy to have John as agent and appreciate all his effort to help us to raise public awareness about the threat posed by asteroids and what our project is doing to save our planet. We are looking forward to his next events!

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