NEOShield-2 Agent Event in Athens, Greece

Reported by Takis Theodossiou, Athens, Greece

On the 3rd of March it took place in Athens by the LOGOS-SLOVO Α-Ω scientific association a workshop about hazardous Asteroids (NEOs) and the NEOShield-2 project.

In this workshop, members of our association as well as amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts have participated, totalizing 18 participants. Our purpose and main goal was to inform the Greek public and our members about the Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) that are orbiting in the neighborhood of our planet and can become in the future PHAs for Earth.

NEOShield-2 Agent Athens Greece

We have explained what asteroids are and how they are moving inside our solar system, as well as where they are located. We have explained the main groups of NEOs, whose orbits are located very close to the orbit of our planet.

Furthermore, we have explained the nature of impact craters in our solar system and finally on our planet. With video-presentations I have shown the main goals of the NEOShied-2 project.

The audience had the opportunity to watch the entries of significant in size small asteroids by the last few decades on Earth’s atmosphere and I have given further information about the kinetic energy that these asteroids are capable to transfer on the surface of our planet by their impact.

In an about 3 hours workshop, I have presented the NEOShield-2 project in order to explain why we need it and how the NEOShield-2 project  is working on the development of  efficient technology for protecting the future of our planet from PHAs.

NEOShield-2 Agent Athens Greece

The workshop proved to be very successful since the audience have participated very active by putting many relevant questions – that have been answered in order to bring the Greek audience to understand better the nature of the threat that we are dealing with. One of the main targets was to create potential new ambassadors and increasing awareness by the Greek public in the future about hazardous asteroids.

Also for me it was a unique experience that the audience was very much interested in order to be informed about the NEOShield-2 project and to participate very active by my workshop.

In the next couple of weeks and months I am planning different presentations with interactive material and with information about the NEOShield-2 project for schoolboys and girls and for the Greek public, starting on the 31st of March until the 2nd of April by participating in the Science Festival in Athens.

Takis Theodossiou
President of LOGOS-SLOVO Α-Ω
Board of Directors IMCA & Member of the Meteoritical Society


NEOShield-2 Note:

The NEOShield-2 Team heartily welcome Takis as our new Agent in Greece. We thank him for all effort and enthusiasm in helping us to spread awareness about an asteroid impact threat. We are looking forward to his next activities!

Are you also interested in becoming a NEOShield-2 Agent and join the team to protect Earth? Check more information here.

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