NEOShield-2 Agent Germany Activities

By Frank Koch, NEOShield-2 Agent in Germany

In July 2017 Frank Koch held several events in front of different audiences about the threat of Near-Earth-Objects (NEOs) and potential counter fights studied within the NEOShield-2 project.

The main event was a session within the space camp in Berlin organized by FEZ Berlin. During one week, young people from all over Germany studied different space topics, had practical experiences and lessons from astronauts and experts about space relevant topics. On the last day, Frank Koch, physician and asteroid enthusiast, gave his NEOShield-2 lecture.

NEOShield-2 Agent Germany Frank Koch

Frank Koch giving his lecture

Starting with a short overview how the solar system was formed, the discussion went quickly to the fact that there is much more than just nine planets within our solar system like asteroids. The young experts were extremely curious to learn more about asteroids, their classifications and estimated numbers. Lots of questions have been asked and answered and together several mitigation possibilities have been explored.

Overall the NEOShield-2 activities haven been well received and some pupils expressed their interests in space engineering and physics for their choice of studies in the future.

NEOShield-2 Agent Germany Frank Koch

Space camp lecture room with lots of space objects and models

The lively discussion continued over lunch and overall the topic was extremely well received by the audience of 35+ people and will be repeated for sure at the next space camp.

Besides this event, 3 more sessions were delivered for smaller audiences (adults) during July twice in Berlin and one time in Munich, so overall roughly 70 people were reached.


NEOShield-2 Note:

The NEOShield-2 team is very proud of our new agent Frank Koch and all his effort to help us to educate people about asteroids, the threat they may pose to us and how the project is working to save our planet.

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