NEOShield-2 Agent Israel – Asteroid Day 2017

By Victor Bar, NEOShield-2 Agent in Israel

Asteroid Day 2017 was celebrated for the third time in 3 locations in Israel. In two of them we discussed about the NEOShield-2 project and how it complements the Asteroid Day initiative.

On the 29th of June, in the old Givatayim Observatory in Israel, I lectured about asteroids, what they are, where they come from, why they are so dangerous and why an early detection is so important. So important that Asteroid Day initiative calls to increase our efforts in finding these objects by a factor of 100.

Israel Agent Asteroid Day

As soon as the audience understood the danger, they started to ask what can be done to protect our planet. This was the time to start talking about NEOShield-2 – which is one of the leading projects in the world that strives to give a complete solution to the asteroid threat, from increasing our knowledge about asteroids, not just their trajectories, to also developing complementary technologies for deep space navigation and scientific data gathering and finally by suggesting mature technologies that can be used as asteroid mitigation methods, with an emphasis on NEOTωIST, which is a more affordable asteroid deflection demonstration mission.

Israel Agent Asteroid Day

I must say that the audience that was frightened by the asteroids were intrigued by NEOShield-2. After the lecture some of them approached me and asked for additional information – besides detailed explanations, I gave them NEOShield-2 cards so that they could check the website and learn more about the project.

On the next day – 30th of June – at the new planetarium in Netanya, we had a lecture from Dr. Noah Brosh from Tel Aviv University about asteroid threat. Right after him, I talked about the importance of NEOShield-2 to the safety of humanity on Earth. The audience there were also very interested in the project and expressed their will to hear more.

Israel Agent Asteroid Day

As an Asteroid Day regional coordinator and NEOShield-2 Agent in Israel, I will continue to spread the word and educate the public about this life saving project along with Asteroid Day initiative and hopefully the public awareness in Israel will contribute to the overall public awareness of this project and ensure its continuation.

NEOShield-2 Note:

The NEOShield-2 Team appreciates the great efforts Victor is making in order to help to spread the word about asteroids, the danger they may pose and what we can do to protect our planet.

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