NEOShield-2 participates in EUCASS 2017

eucass 2017 elecnor deimosThe European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences (EUCASS) is the main continental scientific event for aeronautics and space, second only to the AIAA Scitech in the USA. The Eucass association was created by a group of european scientists in order to provide, on the old continent, a high quality forum for the aerospace scientific community. Eucass is member of Ecaero group, supported by the European commission, with Eccomas, Euromech, Ercoftac, Euroturbo and Ceas.

EUCASS is the natural high-level forum for all aeronautics and space research players. It showcases promising fundamental breakthroughs, enabling sciences and technologies. The main objectives are to:

  1. review the state of the art in Aeronautics and Space Sciences, focusing on promising innovations;
  2. promote industrial understanding of recent scientific breakthroughs and develop synergies between Aeronautics and Space, Academia and Industry;
  3. give Agencies and Industry the opportunity to present their programs, particularly EU’s Framework programmes.
eucass 2017 elecnor deimos

Miguel Hagenfeldt delivering his presentation

This years’ conference was the seventh issue and it took place in Milan, Italy, on 3-6 July. About 600 participants, of which 149 students, have attended and contributed to making it a very warm and lively forum. The number of papers received reached a total of about 700, of which 550 were presented either orally or in poster format. There were 34 countries represented.

The NEOShield-2 project was represented by its consortium member Elecnor Deimos, who presented the work achievements of WP5 (Reconnaissance S/C technologies).

The Reconnaissance GNC/AOCS technologies were presented in the Flight Dynamics, GNC and Avionics symposium, on Thursday 6 July, with oral presentation by Miguel Hagenfeldt of the paper entitled “Autonomous GNC/IP for Approach and Hovering of irregular small bodies”, on behalf of the Elecnor Deimos WP5 Team.



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