Planetary Defense Conference (PDC) 2017 – Day 4

Thursday, May 18, 2017, Tokyo, Japan

The penultimate day of the PDC started with the talks of the Session 6, which addressed the topic Impact Consequences, where experts explained what would happen if an asteroid would impact Earth.

Still in the morning, the Session 7 took place with talks about Disaster Response, presenting ways to respond to the impact threat once it becomes real.

The afternoon started with the Session 8, addressing Impact Risk Assessment and Decision to act. ESA and NASA shared very interesting information about Planetary Defense.

Closing the day, the Session 9 approached a very important topic: Public Education & Communication, which raises the importance of educating and communicating about the asteroid threat impact.

Day 4 closes the experts’ talks. There were more than 80 talks given by experts from all over the world. The talks were complemented by almost 100 posters, providing valuable information about the scientific and industrial work that has been done regarding planetary defense.

planetary defense conference pdc 2017 day 4

PDC Group Photo. Credit: IAA

What to expect on Day 5 (last day):

The whole day will be dedicated to the threat response exercise (Session 10).

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