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As the NEOShield-2 project progresses information on the research publications, deliverables and documents will be available here.

Publications of the former NEOShield-1 Project are available here.


Public Project Deliverables

This table lists all public deliverables of the NEOShield-2 project already submitted and approved by the EC.
IDDeliverable TitleStatus
D2.1Public project websitePublished/Online
D2.2Public outreach reportIn Progress
D3.1Reference mission definition, Mitigation DemonstrationSubmitted to EC, under review
D3.2Reference mission definition, Sample ReturnSubmitted to EC, under review
D6.1 Technologies for Return and In-situ Analysis of NEO SamplesFinal, Approved
D9.1Dynamical web-interface tool and User ManualIn Progress
D9.2List of potential target NEOsIn Progress
D10.1 Report on observation procedures and toolsFinal, Approved
D10.2 Intermediate observations and analysis progress reportFinal, Approved
D10.3Observation support tools and related User ManualsIn Progress
D10.4Report on Photometric Observations I (Colours, and Phase functions)In Progress
D10.5Report on Photometric Observations II (lightcurves and rotational properties)In Progress
D10.6Report on Photometry and Precovery ObservationsIn Progress
D10.7Report on Spectroscopic ObservationsIn Progress
D10.8Report on Thermal IR Data AnalysisIn Progress
D11.1 Report on a Future NEO physical properties databaseFinal, Approved
D11.2Report on data analyses and mitigation-relevant NEO physical propertiesIn Progress
D11.3Report on modelling and simulations of NEO response to deflection attemptsIn Progress
D11.4NEO physical properties database and User ManualIn Progress
D12.1 Report on analysis of the effectiveness of impact disaster planning at the national levelFinal, Approved
D12.2Report on an European strategy for future mitigation-related endeavoursIn Progress
D12.3Technology development planIn Progress
Moreover find here our NEOTωIST Impact Calculator, a tool to calculate an estimate of the most important properties of a hypervelocity impact event on small asteroids with negligible gravity.


Peer reviewed Publications


Conference Papers


Project Dissemination Activities


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