Asteroid Day and NEOShield-2 event in Israel

Our first NEOShield-2 Agent reports from his second event, organised by him at the Israeli Astronomical Society in Israel at Asteroid Day 2016:


Hi everybody,

I wanted to tell you about my experience from Asteroid Day 2016 (June 30).

It all started 2 months ago, after receiving the NEOShield-2 overview presentation and discussing the event with Grig Richters from Asteroid Day, I worked for about a month on my own presentation that contained material that I collected about asteroids throughout the year.
As a committee member of Israeli Astronomical Society (IAS), I was in charge of the main event on 30/6 – Asteroid day – and for the connection with NEOShield-2 was obvious. At exactly 21:30 I started my lecture in front of 60 asteroid enthusiasts, most of them were IAS members and I presented the threat, explained about asteroids and later presented NEOShield-2 as the main project that provides a complete solution for the asteroids problem.
The audience was very interested, especially in the NEOShield-2 project and asked questions about it, I also got positive responses on the projects PR material I handed over and after almost an hour and a half, people did not want to leave until I said good night and asked them to continue learning about asteroids and go to the NEOShield-2 website for further information.

NEOShield-2 Agent Asteroid day Israeli Astronomical Society

NEOShield-2 Agent Victor Bar giving a NEOShield-2 presentation at Asteroid 2016 in Israel

I attached my photo from the event and I wish to thank you for all the assistance of making this happen and hope that someday we will have a chance to meet and discuss further presentations and events.

Thanks for everything !!


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