NEOShield-2 Agents are our ambassadors who educate & spread the word about asteroid potential threat and how to protect the Earth, all around the world!

Want to help us spread the word about asteroids, the potential threat that they pose, and the measures we can take to protect our planet?

Become a NEOShield-2 Agent!

What is a NEOShield-2 Agent?

Our Agents are our NEOShield-2 ambassadors, trained to represent our project and bring our research and technology developments to the attention of the public.

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Agents are fans and supporters of our project who are passionate about planetary defence. They volunteer their time to help us raise awareness of NEOShield-2 and the NEO risk as a whole.

How can I become a NEOShield-2 Agent?

Everybody can become a NEOShield-2 Agent! Getting involved is easy:

  1. Contact us to discuss your idea for an event or a promotional activity
  2. Organise and hold your event
  3. Write a short article on your accomplishment

We’ll send you an information pack to help get you started, as well as some NEOShield-2 PR material (e.g. pins, stickers, business cards or flyers) to give out at your event.

In acknowledgement of your hard work and enthusiasm, we’ll send you some of our new NEOShield-2 promotional items. What’s more, you’ll be listed as an official NEOShield-2 Agent on a dedicated part of the website and be a part of the NEOShield-2 Family!

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Hall of Fame

In acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication, all NEOShield-2 Agents will be listed below.

In the Hall of Fame, you’ll be able to find information on our Agents and the events they held, including a link to the articles they have written.

Our AgentTopic addressed (Link to Agent Report)Date and LocationAudience reached
Victor Bar - An Israeli project manager and a space enthusiast who sees great importance in educating the public about the NEO threat. Also Asteroid Day Regional Coordinator Israel.The NEO threat and NEOShield-2

NEOShield-2 and Asteroid Day 2016

NEOShield-2 and Asteroid Day 2017
15.10.2015, 30.06.2016 and 29.06.2017, Givatayim Observatory, Israel
30.06.2017, Planetarium in Netanya, Israel
2015: 60 persons in total (45 members of the Israeli Astronomers Society + 15 general public)
2016: 60 persons in total, most of them amateur astronomers
2017: 60 persons in total, amateur astronomers and general public
2018: two events for Asteroid Day Israel, 80 people
Jordi Steen Forteza - A keen Space and Asteroid enthusiast and Asteroid Day Coordinator Denmark. NEOShield-2 Agent Jordi conducts the First Near Earth Asteroid Threat workshop in Denmark

NEOShield-2 and Asteroid Day 2017
30.06.2016, Denmark

02.03.2017, Round Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark

30.06.2017, Geology Museum of Copenhagen, Denmark
2016: 22 persons in total, most of them from general public and amateur astronomers

2017: March: 17 people, general public. June: 100 people, general public
Sushil Bhattarai - A M.Sc. Physics student from St. Xavier's College and Asteroid Day Regional Coordinator Nepal.Remembering the Chelyabinsk Event15.02.2017, Mokshada School, Kathmandu, Nepal200 students, teachers, and staff
Takis Theodossiou - President of LOGOS-SLOVO Α-Ω scientific association, Board of Directors IMCA & Member of the Meteoritical Society and Asteroid Day Coordinator Greece.Hazardous Asteroids (NEOs) and the NEOShield-2 Project03.03.2017, LOGOS-SLOVO Α-Ω scientific association, Athens, Greece18 persons (members of the association, amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts)
Chris Greenfield - member of the Norwich Astronomical Society and volunteer with the British Science Association in Norwich. NEOShield-2 booth03.06.2017, Stradsett Show, Kings Lynn, United Kingdom

27. & 28.10.2017, Seething Observatory

About 20 people, general public

65 visitors to the Norwich Astronomical Society on Friday, 29 on Saturday
Alexei Pace - A civil engineer and project manager who is also a space enthusiast. Acted as president of the Astronomical Society of Malta for more than 5 years. NEOShield-2 and Asteroid Day 201730.06.2017, farmhouse at Buskett Woodlands in Siġġiewi, Malta30 persons, among members of the Astronomical Society of Malta, space enthusiasts as well and several foreigners
Maksym Abramov - Space and Asteroid enthusiast NEOShield-2 and Asteroid Day 201730.06.2017, Avanza Educational Center, Granada, Spain About 10 students
John Maclean - Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS) and ambassador for the OSIRIS-REx mission.Astronomy on Board the Queen Mary 2 Cruise ShipMay 2017, Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship (itinerary: Australia, Borneo, Vietnam, Thailand, and China)Over 400 people, general public
Frank Koch - German physician and asteroid enthusiast.NEOShield-2 ProjectJuly 2017, Berlin and Munich, GermanyAbout 70 people, young pupils and adults (general public)
EXOSS Citizen Science - Non - Profit - OrganisationJune 2018, Brasil11 events for the Asteroid on 30th June 2018. For more interesting details just follow the link below to the EXOSS website.
EXOSS website