Kick Asteroid Campaign

Kick Asteroid: Planetary Defenders, Earth Needs You!

The Planetary Society is excited to partner with space artist and designer, Thomas Romer, and backers around the world to create Kick Asteroid—a colorful graphic poster that will illustrate the effect of past catastrophic impacts, and methods to deflect future asteroid threats. Compelling and scientifically accurate art will be created for posters and other “merch” that backers can use in their everyday lives to spread the word about planetary defense.

Kick Asteroid preliminary poster design


Join the movement and be a Planetary Defender!

There’s no time to spare… ! And with your help, the Society is gearing up to do its part. There are many things we can be doing to help protect against asteroid threats and we want to give you awesome artwork that helps you spread the word.

The most important step right now is simple: be aware and share. The more people who know about the asteroid threat the better. Educating the public will, in turn, guide the world leaders who will then be inspired to fund the research we need now and the asteroid deflection missions when the time comes.

By backing this project, you can engage with others about asteroid defense. You will be doing your part to protect the people of Earth from a devastating impact.

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About the author: Franziska Dienel