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NEO Properties Portal


What can the NEO Properties Portal be used for?

The portal serves as a NEO information bank for both project and public use. Our observation priority list, which is consistently updated, provides all necessary data on the NEOs which should be observed as they are currently visible from Earth. With objects ranked in terms of e.g. scientific interest, accessibility, completeness and quality of available data, this functionality has been designed to support and coordinate observation campaigns. From the observation data gained further NEO physical properties relevant to mitigation/exploration missions will be derived and provided within the NEO Properties Portal. Moreover the Mission Opportunities Table is designed to facilitate the identification of suitable mitigation/exploration mission targets based on criteria defined by the user.


How do you use the NEO Properties Portal?

Information on how to use the NEO Properties Portal can be found in the most recent published user manuals, the links to which are provided below:

Deliverable No. and TitleDescription
D9.1 Dynamical Web Interface User ManualA complete user manual on how to operate the NEOShield-2 NEO Dynamical Web Interface including: project scope; top-level architecture & set of system components description; reference comprehensive information about all software capabilities from end-user POV; list of third-party technologies used
D10.3 Observation Support Tools User ManualA description of the Observation Support Tools: overview of the topic; description of algorithms developed; how the related software can be used; further developments
D11.4 NEO Physical Properties Database User ManualA complete user manual on how to install, configure and operate the NEOShield-2 NEO Physical Properties Database: overview; description of top-level architecture and the set of components of the system; list of third-party technologies used; steps to install, deploy and test the system
NEO Properties Portal & Dynamic Web Interface User Manuals - titles and individual descriptions of their content