NEOShield-2 Presentation in Israel – IAC 2015

Victor Bar, one of our NEOShield-2 ambassadors, recently delivered a presentation on the NEO threat & the NEOShield-2 project at the International Astronautical Congress in Israel. Read his article on the lecture here!

Victor Bar NEOShield-2 ambassadors


On 15th October during the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) which was held in Jerusalem, Israel, another interesting event took place and one which was the first of its kind; a presentation outlining the NEO threat to Earth and the NEOShield-2 project.

The lecture took place at Givatayim Space Observatory (15 minutes from Tel Aviv) and the audience was made up of amateur astronomers – members of the Israeli Astronomers Society and the general public.

I started the lecture by explaining what asteroids are, where they come from, how often they impact Earth, what their composition is and why they are so dangerous to mankind, followed by an explanation of what is being done around the world to address this problem.


Victor Bar NEOShield-2 ambassadors


Later I presented the NEOShield-2 project and focussed mainly on the motivation of the project and the different mitigation methods.

The lecture proved to be a big success and the audience took a lot of interest in the lecture and many questions were asked and answered.

These people will be the first ambassadors of the project and will increase public awareness to the asteroid problem and NEOShield-2 project.

For me it was a uniquely positive experience since I started this endeavour after realising that the Israeli public is unaware of the threat that asteroids pose to all Earth nations without distinction. I consequently contacted the NEOShield-2 global outreach team at Airbus DS, who provided me with a lot of information, explained many technical details regarding the different technologies which are developed in the project and helped with the administrative preparation. Later with the help of Shlomo Coneh, of the Israeli Astronomers Society, Dr. Diana Laufer of Tel Aviv University – Planetary Science Faculty and Harel Ben-Ami of the Israel Space Agency, I organised and delivered the lecture and the dream came true.

Following this lecture, another is being planned for June 2016 in line with the next Asteroid Day and for me this marks the success of raising public awareness both about the threat and the excellent NEOShield-2 project solutions.

About the author: Alice Rischer