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The last major asteroid impact led to the extinction of Dinosaurs, we won't let the next one do that to us!
NEOShield-2 is funded by Horizon 2020, which is the biggest EU Research & Innovation programme ever with nearly $80 Billion of funding.

What is NEOShield all about?

NEOShield has the primary goal to perform Scientific Research and Technical Development, so as to reduce the risk of a NEO (Near Earth Object) deflection mission from failing...

What is the threat from NEOs?

NEOs impact the Earth everyday! Yes everyday! It's therefore not a question if a NEO will hit the Earth, but rather when it will hit and how big will it be! Smaller NEOs are greater in number than larger NEOs...

What is being done for the threat?

Once a NEO has been identified and it has been calculated that it is probably or definitely going to impact the Earth, there are possibilities to prevent the impact.

NEO Properties Portal

Open access to the NEO physical characterization data obtained by NEOShield-2 observing programs and scientific analyses. Includes a dynamic NEO potential mission target listing.

The Team

The Consortium consist of 11 European Partners, which includes German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Planetary Research among others with Airbus Defence and Space being the Project Coordinator.


As the NEOShield project progresses, publications and documents are updated continuously here.

Educational Outreach

One of our missions is to educate and spread awareness about Asteroids. Read more about our successful initiatives:

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Educational Partnerships

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