Victor Bar presenting NEOShield in Israel in line with Asteroid Day

This year in Israel was the 4th Asteroid Day in a row and our agent Victor Bar educate the public in two events about our NEOShield-2 project.

Please find some impressions of his work in his summary of the events.

A month before Asteroid Day I published a quiz about Asteroids in General and the NEOShield-2 project. Finally, 35 people participated in the quiz and tried to do their best to answer the selected questions. Some of the participants managed to score very high and so they received prizes, which were provided by NEOShield-2 Team in advance.

Furthermore, I lectured 80 people during Asteroid Day at two Events – took place in Netanja and Givaataim. The speech was about raising awareness to Asteroids, the interesting exploration of OSIRIS-Rex and Hayabusa-2 and of course NEOShield-2 Project as our best hope to mitigate the threat.

Once more we managed to stay safe from asteroids, but what will happen when our luck runs out?






Huge thanks to Victor for his effort as agent for NEOShield!

About the author: Franziska Dienel